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Burien Dance Theatre Dress Code

Ballet/Tap combo: Pink tights, pink leotard (pink skirt is optional), pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes. A black leotard is fine for students age 7 and up. Hair needs to be pulled up away from the face. A bun is best.


Ballet and Pointe: Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet slippers. Pointe classes need pointe shoes. A pink or black skirt is optional. Please, no shorts in ballet class. Long hair needs to be pulled up and back into a bun.


Jazz, Tap and Showbiz: Pink, tan or black tights, a black or pink leotard, jazz pants or shorts are optional. Black jazz shoes for jazz, black tap shoes for tap and black character shoes for Showbiz (1.5 inch heel).

Please wear your hair up and off your face.


Hip Hop: Any clothing that is comfortable to dance in and tennis shoes.


Acro: Pink, tan or black footless tights, a pink or black leotard. Please wear your hair up and be sure to have bare feet.


Spanish: Pink or tan tights, black leotard, black Spanish skirt, castanets and character shoes (1.5 inch heel). Please wear your hair up and away from your face. Castanets and skirts will be ordered by the dance school.

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